Cipher Solutions, Inc. 

Advanced IA, Security Services and Solutions - since 2001

Security Design Services
Cipher Solutions is providing IA and data protection services to Government Agencies, leading Financial Institutions and IT, Storage and Security Vendors

C&A and Security Design for Government Agencies  - IA Services, Encryption Design

PKI Technologies (Microsoft, RSA and Verisign) - planning, design and implementation, CP and CPS
Encryption Approaches - data protection, back-up and compliance
Strong Authentication Approaches - Multi-factor, digital signatures, biometric signatures
Key Management Solutions - key generation, lifecycle management, archival, recovery and destruction
Application and Data Security - XML, CAPI, toolkits, document integrity, tamper-sealing
Security Assessments

Cyber Threat Updates
Monthly News and Analysis

Cipher Solutions' Security Services include security strategy, design, competitive analysis, assessments, vulnerability analysis and deployment plans for Fortune 500 companies, leading technology vendors and service providers. Cipher Solutions is the FIRST professional services company to start offering professional services in storage security since July 2001.

Implementation Services

Cipher Solutions' Security Implementation Services include implementation of PKI solutions, application security, security policies, security appliances and technologies.

Security Training, Seminars and Whitepapers

Cipher Solutions' offers seminars and training in most aspects of data security. Cipher Solutions provides a variety of whitepapers for vendors or enterprise clients. 

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